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We produce the best Rotisserie Marinade Sauce in 6oz and 11oz Jars and 1 and 5 gallons Buckets. Our special formulation doesn't contain MSG, Additives or Gluten. Also we manufacture Ecological Ovens; an special design that doesn't blow smoke and built for 36, 40 and 48 chickens capacity. We can cover any demand and delivery to any destination.

Healthy Formulation Our product use fresh ingredients and fine herbs

MSG is short for monosodium glutamate. Monosodium glutamate is a common food additive with the e-number E621 that is used to enhance flavor.

E-Numbers represent specific food additives, used by the food industry in the manufacture of various food products. These E-Numbers also reconigzed as INS or SIN.

Gluten is a proteins found in grains like wheat, rye, spelt and barley. Two main proteins in gluten are glutenin and gliadin. Gliadin is responsible for most of the negative health effects.

perfect for all kind of meat

Chef Martini ® Rotisserie Sauce is great for any meat. Perfect for Thanksgiving Turkey, Rotisserie Chicken, Grilled Steak, Pork or Fish. Using all cooking method our rotisserie sauce will bring the perfect flavor to your meat. To get the perfect Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken just follow the: "Cooking Instructions". If you have any question please feel free to: "Contact us".

It is all you Need!

MSG, Additives and Gluten Free

Our authentic and Exclusive Peruvian Rotisserie Marinade Sauce "Chef Martini ®" is all you need to get the best flavor of the well know "Pollo a la Brasa". Use it at home or restaurants and enjoy the best of the Peruvian Cuisine. We recommend to use 1 or 2oz per any 3.5 lb of meat. Marinate it over night or at least 4 hours before prior cooking. We ensured you that it is perfect for any kind of meat.

Ecological Ovens

This innovative Ecological Oven, reduces the use of Carbon/Charcoal or gas to a 50% and minimize use of fuel for its ignition. This design prevents contamination of the environment and does not generate smoke. Reducing the accumulation of fat in the exhaust duct and reducing the risk of fires initiated in this area. We manufacture and export to any destination.

Whole Peeled Garlic

Our garlic is Non-GMO product, Pesticide-Free and it is mechanically peeled. We are top producer of Fresh Peeled Garlic, and can supply bulk quantities packaged from 3 lbs plastic bags to 3 tons in heavy duty jumbo bags. We can export to any destination in 20' or 40' containers. Garlic as the master flavor of any dishes and it contains Allicin, that provides innumerable health benefits.

Canned Food

Our commitment to food safety and brand protection is highlighted by our SQF certification. Chef Martini ™ has EU, Halal, and USDA Organic certifications. Our product offers unlimited opportunities while assuring the best flavors, quality, and safety standard. We produce sizes from 3 ounces to 68 ounces daily and ready to be dispatched to any location around the world.